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Jan 02

Website Reminders

Posted by: Steve Marr

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I’ve covered many elements important to effective websites in this blog.  I want to reinforce an important point.  When someone establishes a website to generate business, the website needs to target a specific audience. The more specific the targeting, the hotter the customer button will become. The business owner must identify the hot button.


 Often I work with businesses marketing multiple products. In most instances I advise them to create specific targeted sites for each product. The reason is that each site can be targeted through search engine optimization to pull in customers looking for specific products. When the customer hits the website they can quickly see what they’re looking for and click the buy button or look for additional information.

Within five seconds of looking at a website, the customer should know what the site is about, the key benefit the site offers, and the link to obtain more information or to order. You need the links that clearly identify how the site will help the customer solve a specific problem. 

I work with a business that offers property restoration from water, fire, smoke or mold damage. Each of these specific needs is different. When a website targets all damage, the customer may become confused and either delay taking action on the website or worse, go elsewhere. In this instance the restoration company may have a site covering all hazards the company can handle but is better-suited using separate sites to target each specific type of damage. Then when customers search for water damage they connect with the site targeting water damage, but not mold. That allows the customer to quickly take action and call the company to respond.

I encourage business owners to ask ten or twelve friends to review their website. Ask them if they understand what to do in five seconds or less. Ask if your unique sales proposition is obvious and whether action steps are clear. 

Ecclesiastes tells us that “The Teacher searched to find just the right words, and what he wrote was upright and true.” (Ecclesiastes 12:10, NIV)  Finding the right words is not easy. I find that using more words requires less time and reducing them takes longer. However, if you apply this effort to your website, it will help create a selling machine rather than visitor station where prospects bounce off and disappear.

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