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Sep 10

What Does Our Customer Value?

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Frequently we present information about our product and service that we believe is important and valuable to customers. A better way to decide what to share with customers is to ask specifically, what does our customer value?


Recently I reviewed an accounting software package. I had explained to the salesperson what items were important to me.  Unfortunately, the seller kept explaining other features and benefits I simply didn't care about. Every time I tried to bring the conversation back to what was important to me and what I valued, the sales guy kept going back to the wide array of features I simply didn’t care about. As a result I tuned them out and declined their proposal.

A wise car salesperson will try to understand what a customer values in a car and show the customer to vehicles that fit the feedback. When a customer indicates that all wheel drive is important because of winter driving conditions; then, don't waste their time showing them vehicles with two-wheel drive.

We also need to be careful we don't load up our product and service cost with a lot of features customers don't regard as important. Going back to the example of the accounting software the salesman endeavored to sell me, they didn't have a simple option that was better than QuickBooks. The package they developed was more dynamic and had a lot more features, but they were features that weren’t important to me. My guess is that other customers would find these features not worth the cost as well.

King Solomon wrote, “To answer before listening-- that is folly and shame.” (Proverbs 18:13, NIV) We must take the step first to listen and understand what our customer wants and values before presenting our product and service. When we stress exactly what our customers have already told us they want, we have a better chance of making a sale.  

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