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Dec 31

When a Company Lies to Customers

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I received a question from an individual who worked in a nursing home. The questioner worked for a company she believed lied to customers and bullied workers. While the information came from the employee and seemed credible, I always want to be careful that my information is accurate.  

The first claim was that management bullied and threatened the staff by saying they could be replaced easily if they didn't toe the mark. While none of us likes to be bullied, it may not be reason for quitting.  However, my counsel is that you should find another job before quitting, if possible. There is a big difference between not liking a job and being asked to participate in unethical actions. 

The more disturbing issue was the claim that management consistently lied to clients. If the customer had insurance to cover the bill, management would do anything to keep the customer, including allegedly submitting false documentation to insurance companies and dealing untruthfully with clients and their families.

However, if a family could not pay and insurance was running out; the facility would find any way possible to move the person out so the facility wouldn't be stuck with a nonpaying customer.

James wrote, “Remember, it is sin to know what you ought to do and then not do it.” (James 4:17, NLT) In a situation like this when you know senior management is lying, you must leave. This is clearly the commission of fraud. A Christian cannot be part of ongoing sin with an organization; one must depart.

In several instances, I have encountered business owners who have been actively involved in bribery, dishonesty and intentionally short-changing customers. In these situations, we need to have faith that the Lord will cover our righteous decision. I am aware of individuals who were involved in blatantly illegal activities who later came to Christ, were transformed, and walked away from their criminal behavior. One individual was involved in organized crime and departed at the risk of losing their life. The Lord protected him and his family.

Several years ago, I had some landscape work done.   “Jim,” the crew boss, came to me and said they were resigning because they were instructed by the owner to “pad” our bill, something he was not willing to do. I kept his contact information and several years later offered him a job which he accepted. Jim’s original integrity is what kept him on my list.

Sometimes we may be able to influence the direction of a company.  However, when we realize that our words fall on deaf ears, we must take the action that the Lord will bless.  Depart and trust the Lord with the results. The Lord will bless obedience and faithfulness.

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