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    Scripture instructs, "Take counsel and speak up" (Judges 19:30 NASB). We may remain quiet when key policies or strategies are determined. However, our silence gives sanction to decisions. If you are invited to a strategic planning meeting, meet with your[…]


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Aug 24

When Staff Refuse To Follow Directions

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We need to have staff members who follow business procedures, policy, and our instructions.

When an employee just doesn't follow through as instructed, take them aside and explain what should have been done, what the person did instead, and what future change in work habits must occur.

If problems persist, establish consequences, including ultimate dismissal, if your directions are ignored. Some people may not be responsive to even the best coaching, as Nehemiah observed, "They turned a stubborn shoulder and would not listen" (Nehemiah 9:29 NASB).

No business will be effective if policy, procedures, and directives are ignored. Customer service will suffer, and the disobedience will cost your business money. Plus, you authority with other staff is undermined when people believe you can be ignored.

Then watch teamwork improve as most people follow your directions.

Steve Marr, Your Christian Business Coach

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