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Jun 10

Why I Work Saturday

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For most of my business career I have worked some on Saturdays. Part of this comes from my old school business upbringing, but I have also found it an effective time to accomplish work. However, I try not to be compulsive about it. Some Saturdays I take off because I have family activities. On other days I will commit between two and six hours to work.


One of the activities I engage in is marketing franchises to prospective business owners. Reaching clients for this is not always easy. I make calls on Saturday if efforts to connect on other days have failed. Besides, some clients prefer talking on Saturday because it fits their schedule better and they don’t have to juggle other work commitments. On Saturday they can set an appointment for a future date and time. Saturday has become my most effective day for connecting with new clients.

Saturday is also a good time to catch up on desk work. My phone doesn’t ring much and I can focus on completing work I couldn’t get to during the week. Since I have a policy of taking Sundays off, this allows me to start Monday morning more effectively than if I also took Saturday off.

Saturday is also the day I write because my phone doesn’t usually ring. I can block out three hours to catch up on writing projects or other work that requires focused concentration.

I also find that by working Saturday, I’m able to take off some time during the week for personal recreation or personal business. This allows me to effectively utilize my week.

King Solomon wrote “Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits lacks sense.” (Proverbs 12:11, NIV) When I approach Saturday, I ask myself what activities need my attention. Instead of watching football games in the fall, for example, I commit at least part of that time to productive work. I also understand that some individuals work 10-12 hours every day during the week and need the entire weekend to recharge their batteries. In these circumstances I would not advise adding weekend work into their schedule. However, I have found that working Saturdays part-time is a way to increase my productivity. I encourage readers to think through their schedule to see if reallocating some work tasks to Saturday would work for them.

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