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Nov 25

Write Out Church Announcements or Testimonies

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I have learned that all speeches, long or short, should be written out. This includes when you speak in church to promote a Sunday school class or small group or to share a testimony about how the Lord impacted your life.

A wise pastor in my Michigan home church insisted that all testimonies be limited to two minutes and written out. This kept people from rambling and losing the power of the moment. King Solomon advised, “A truly wise person uses few words.” (Proverbs 17:27, NLT) When you make an announcement, use the same rule.  Write out your message and keep it to two minutes.  

When you speak for a minute or an hour, keep the same basic rule: Write out your text, get to the point, stay focused, ask people to commit, and provide legitimate hope. You don’t have to memorize every word.  Speak from your heart while you follow your text.  

Another requirement from my Michigan church is that one of the pastors would go over written testimonies in advance.  They were not trying to control content, but wanted to insure that presenters covered the basics. While attending the Michigan church, I heard some remarkable information about deliverance from addictions, how a parenting class helped, or how someone learned to share their faith—all in a relatively short time. 

Some don’t agree with this process.  They believe people should be spontaneous.  However, spontaneity is not always effective. Pastors prepare diligently for a Sunday message.  We should do the same when presenting in church, even for a two minute testimony or announcement.


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