• Do you ever complain about a coworker?

    30 Oct 2020 | 12:00 am

    King Solomon instructed, "Do not testify against your neighbor without cause" (Proverbs 24:28 NIV). When mistakes crop up at work, we may quickly cast blame on others. Next time the ball is dropped, determine the cause of the fumble and[…]


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Jul 20

Should You Protect Your Business with Firearms During Civil Unrest?

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Over the past several months civil unrest has caused substantial damage to private property, particularly business establishments. People ask me how far a business owner should go to protect their property. My perspective is not a simple answer. Above all, we need to seek the Lord’s guidance concerning the steps we should take.

Jul 17

Treat Lost Customers Properly

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None of us likes losing customers. Over the years, I have had customers take their business to competitors for one reason or another. 

I have always treated departing customers with the utmost kindness and respect.  I strive to make the transition as easy as possible for the customer. I’ve done this for four specific reasons.

Jul 13

Collect Information for Follow-up

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Many years ago I went car shopping with my dad. After meeting with the salesperson and kicking the tires on a potential new car, we left the dealership. The first thing my dad said as we left was that salesperson never took down his phone number. He wouldn’t be able to call my dad to find out if he wanted the car. Of course, we purchased a car at a different dealership.

I am part of Business Network International, the largest business networking group in the United States. Currently I am serving as the Growth Coordinator for our chapter. When a visitor walks into a meeting, I don’t just shake hands; I walk them to the meeting hoping they will come back and join.

Jul 09

Cities Issue Own Currency?

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Many individuals are under substantial hardship as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic. Federal, state and local governments are looking for ways to provide relief. One interesting example is the city of Tenino taking the step of issuing their own town currency, up to $300 per individual, for those demonstrating negative impact from the pandemic.

Throughout the history of our nation, local governments have taken the step of issuing currency, in one fashion or another, in an effort to work through difficult economic times.

Jul 01

Speaking Effectively

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A number of times I’ve touched on the topic for effective speaking. At times, and I try to apply the lesson to myself, I shared individuals there’s a reason TED Talks are limited to 18 minutes, most listeners struggled to stay focused for much more than 20 or for a maximum 25 minutes. TED Talks are a collection of well presented speeches based on the premise of presenting ideas well worth spreading.