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How to open a Franchise Ebook


Franchising Find Your Perfect Fit ~ By: Steve Marr
Today, franchising has evolved into many business opportunities. A franchise offers a pathway to success for thousands of business owners. Perhaps this includes you. Get this free book now! Click Here>>

About Steve Marr

Steve has learned from 40 years of business experience that God's way works. As an author, speaker, radio host, and business consultant...

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Steve’s Business Proverbs reveal

How to Succeed in Business

God's Way

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Doing business without God is a formula for misery. You can succeed in business without God, perhaps even grow and make money. However, you just can’t find peace, hope and significance. Further, you are much more likely to succeed with God’s help and principles. You can avoid the unnecessary mistakes and headaches of starting, running a business or turning things around if you know God’s principles for business. You will loose a lot of money without the right help along the way, and more importantly, loose everything without God.

I went for years succeeding in business without God, but I was empty and miserable. With God, and His principles I made better choices, avoided bad deals, found a balance between personal and business life while working less and accomplishing more.

My Business Proverbs reveal How to Succeed in Business God's Way

God invented business. By combining Biblical truth and practical business experience I can help you start, or navigate through the storms of business.

  • Wisdom is not repeating mistakes when you can learn from others
  • Foolishness is doing it all yourself
  • Most business leaders start as fools, including myself
  • Most business fail, or succeed for simple reasons

We all need help to succeed in today's competitive business world.  Principles found in scripture are helping leaders around the world reach that goal.

To get started, I generally recommed my Free 30-minute Business Assessment phone call to discuss your situation and exchange some ideas on how I can help you get your organization on the pathway to success.

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Meet Joe

Joe owned a landscape business that was losing $50,000 per year, despite gross billings of $1.6 million. He was an award-winning landscape architect, but struggled with managing construction projects and crews. Jobs were often completed late and over budget. Joe’s business simply wasn’t working.

Joe called Steve Marr and learned about “diversities of gifts” (1 Corinthians 12:4). Not everyone has the same skills. Steve pointed out that Joe had the gift of creativity—but not organization or management. The more time and energy Joe could focus on creative work and serving his customers, the happier and more effective he would be. Steve also recommended bringing on a new person with different gifts—like a gift for managing people and schedules—that would provide the management structure to energize his business.

Joe took Steve Marr’s sage advice and transformed his company using God’s practical wisdom. First, he hired an operations manager to oversee his crews. Second, he revamped his construction process by altering the cost estimating system and work schedule.

The first year after implementing Steve’s recommendations Joe’s company brought in $400,000 in new business. The operations manager kept the work crews on target and Joe went from losing $50,000 per year to earning $250,000. Plus, Joe was able to focus almost all of his time doing the design work he loved most.

Joe did it God’s way and saved his business, thanks to Steve Marr’s Business Proverbs.



Meet Baxter

Baxter’s $1.7 million heating contract company once earned a modest profit, but now it was losing $100,000 per year. Baxter’s company faced new competition and suffered from inefficiencies. The work crews often failed to stock the trucks with the right parts for the jobs, resulting in avoidable trips to the store.

Baxter asked Steve Marr for help. Steve pointed to the reality of Baxter’s situation and the need to take appropriate action. Solomon wrote, “How long will you fools fight the facts?” (Proverbs 1:22). Steve outlined the competition and inefficiency that were plaguing Baxter’s business.

But rather than act on Steve’s wise advice, Baxter chose to live in ignorance. He decided to do it his own way. Steve actually stepped back and cancelled the consulting sessions when he realized Baxter wouldn’t listen.

Rather than addressing the facts, Baxter tried other approaches. In order to save money he let a part-time bookkeeper go and did the paperwork himself. As a result, invoices were late or completely forgotten, suppliers were unpaid and shipments were cutoff. Baxter tried an advertising blitz to bring in more business, including radio, TV, newspaper and phonebook ads. The ads failed because they didn’t set his company apart, but even if they had worked bringing more business to a money-losing system just means losing more money.

Refusing to face reality probably doomed Baxter’s company. When Steve called to check up on Baxter and see what happened, the phone was disconnected. Baxter didn’t follow Steve Marr’s Business Proverbs—he didn’t want to do it God’s way. Ultimately, it put his business in jeopardy.

Joe did it God’s way. Baxter didn’t. Who would you rather be?