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Steve Marr has learned from 40 years of business experience that God's way works.

As an author, speaker and business consultant, Marr helps companies and organizations apply the ancient wisdom of the Bible to avoid the common mistakes and headaches of growing a business.

Marr offers spiritual and practical insights through one-on-one consulting, a monthly syndicated business column, his best-seller books Business Proverbs, Roadmap to Success, and the 2007 release of Integrity in the Workplace, and the one-minute radio feature "Business Proverbs," which can be heard on over 1,200 radio stations internationally. He also provides radio interviews on time sensitive business topics and how being a godly business person brings glory to the Lord.

Marr uses compelling case studies to generate discussion on the business and Biblical principles he offers. Steve involves the audience to make each event practical in application. Seminar notes are available to allow particpants to act upon the "take aways."

He can help you, your business or group find peace of mind, hope and satisfaction in doing business God's way.  Contact Steve

Steve Marr Seminars Available

Build Your Team God's Way

A 3-4 Hour Seminar in Developing the Ability to Effectively Hire your Team

Managing Your Team God's Way

A 3-4 Hour Seminar in Managing your Staff for Performance, Accountability and Personal Growth

Hope is on the Way

A personal testimony on how God changes lives

Performance Management

Transform Your Organization with Goal Setting and Accountability
Establish an Objective Method in Setting Performance Standards in any Organization

Business-By-the-Book One-Day Seminar

Steve Marr is a qualified instructor for Crown Financial Ministries

Steve Marr is available to speak at seminars, company retreats, community business organizations and other business group functions.

Topics Include:

  • "Hope is on the Way" - a personal testimony of how Christ changes lives
  • "Think Globally but Act Locally"
  • "Globalization" - your business will be affected on Main Street
  • "Four Steps to Connecting with Customers"
  • "Goal Setting and Accountablity"
  • "Company Cultures That Win"
  • "Change is Not an Option"
  • "Fighting Negative Attitudes "
  • "The Power of Promises "
  • "Connecting with your Customers"
  • "Business Integrity"
  • "Resolving Conflict"
  • "Developing Workplace Prayer"

Steve Marr is also available to offer his personal testimony, including a Gospel challenge that may be especially effective with business groups.

For more information:

Call Steve at 520-529-8470 | email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it