• Do you ever complain about a coworker?

    30 Oct 2020 | 12:00 am

    King Solomon instructed, "Do not testify against your neighbor without cause" (Proverbs 24:28 NIV). When mistakes crop up at work, we may quickly cast blame on others. Next time the ball is dropped, determine the cause of the fumble and[…]


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Jun 11

Avoid Sending Emails Unintentionally

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I received an email the other day that read like a cold temperature of 25°.  My first inclination was to type a harsh response justifying my situation and explaining why my “opponent” was completely off target. Instead I employed a strategy I’ve used to respond differently, even though it is hard. 

King Solomon wrote, “Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.” (Proverbs, 29:11, NIV)

When drafting a difficult email, particularly when frustrated, I draft my response in a Word file. This keeps me from inadvertently hitting send too early in a way that may embarrass myself or harm my ministry or business situation. I’ve heard of too many circumstances where someone hit the send button inadvertently and gave the sender good reason to regret the move.

Jun 03

Attributing Information

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Regular readers of this blog know that I suggest that all marketing should lead with the benefits and follow with the evidence. The evidence may be the study verifying the need for your product or service. 

Frequently, I receive marketing emails which includes some vague phrase like “studies show” without any attribution. My first thought is so what?

May 30

Working from Home

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With the onslaught of COVID 19, hundreds of thousands of workers were transferred quickly to working from home. Companies needed to maintain work efforts while at the same time complying with shut-down mandates.

This transition in a short period of time from office to at-home work is unique.  Future textbooks will no doubt be written on how to effectively migrate employees from office to home. For now, each institution has employed best practices available.

May 28

The Plight of Reopening Restaurants

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Across the United States, more and more government leaders are permitting businesses to reopen. However, reopening frequently comes with additional expense because of regulations.

For example, as restaurants reopen the establishment is required to maintain social distancing inside the business.  The difficulty restaurants face is understanding the economic viability of social distancing.  The regulation means you may only operate at 50% of capacity.

May 13

Using YouTube

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YouTube is a common medium for communicating all kinds of entertainment, comedy and business concepts. If you use YouTube in your business, I suggest you follow several key principles.

1. Never monetize your video by allowing advertising.

Very few YouTube postings earn $100 or more so you’re not likely to earn anything meaningful. Besides, you don’t want to distract anyone away from your video. You want viewers to immediately click through to your material.  Some of the longer videos now insert ads part way through. This is even more annoying to me and causes me to click off. Nothing should interfere with the focus and flow of your posted video.